We are excited to announce the EfferCept Teat Dip Program, allowing all NEW customers to try EfferCept Teat Dip FREE for 30 days

EfferCept has been trusted by 100's of dairy producers for more than 20 years, for the ultimate control of mastitis-causing organisms. Used as a pre and/or post teat dip, EfferCept offers exceptional cleaning, killing and conditioning on skin, teats and udders. Try EfferCept for FREE and see why so many dairies are "moooving" away from iodine. Learn more about EfferCept Teat Dip Tablets. 30 day trial available for new customers only.

Kills on contact

Kills on contact, eliminating 99.99% of E. coli and Staph. aureus within 15 seconds of exposure. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) provides exceptional killing power with virtually no irritation. The HOCl molecule is key to the product’s demonstrated performance against a wide range of harmful organisms. This molecule bears no positive or negative charge and, unlike the negatively charged OCl¯ ions produced by chlorous acid/chlorine dioxide treatments or OI¯ ions produced by iodine treatments, it is not repelled by the negatively charged bacterial cell wall. It penetrates the cell wall to deactivate the cell’s primary energy-producing source, resulting in rapid cell death.

Cleans and conditions

EfferCept SG Sanitizing Teat Dip when dissolved in water combines the mild, non-irritating, yet powerful killing of EfferCept with cleaning and conditioning to soothe and protect skin, teats, and udders. 

EfferCept is set apart from bleach and other chlorine products in its odorless smell and absence of corrosive properties, maintaining the integrity of any equipment or bedding it encounters as it sanitizes.

No mixing or shaking

Fast-acting effervescent tablets dissolve in hard or soft potable water on farm. Precise measurement designed for any herd size. Tablets dissolve within minutes and no mixing or shaking is needed.

Foaming or non-foaming

EfferCept can be used as a foaming or non-foaming teat dip. EfferCept SG creates a wet foam on its own. To get a more dry foam, we created a foam additive that works perfectly with our teat dip.